We are a local real estate company that helps people turn inherited properties into cash.

Since 2017

Alfredo Robles Real Estate

Probate can take a long time to settle, so we have made the process
simple for you.

1. File the petition for probate
2. Get a court hearing date
3. Attorney gets you appointed as the legal representative
4. Send the Letters of Administration to the Reverse Mortgage Company
5. Negotiate the shortsale and obtain the shortsale approval letter
6. Close escrow fast and efficiently
7. Obtain your shortsale incentive

I very much respect the circumstances here, so please know there is no obligation and no pressure. If we can’t meet your needs, well give you our best advice and alternatives. Please call me right away to discuss your options and start the process. If you are not ready to sell, please hold onto this note for when the time is right.